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Professional: Our Reality MASD system is a combination of Freestyle Martial Arts and Reality Based Self Defence. The best of both worlds!                                                                                                                                         Our curriculum has been personally approved by Master Dave Turton, 10th Dan, Head of ASMAA and SDF.       Our Instructors also teach Conflict Management and Personal Safety in the Corporate Market and Public and State Schools with Keep Safe Training (www.keepsafetraining.co.uk)


Basic Principles:  We teach our students that Martial Arts is an Art, and is for the dojo. If they need to protect themselves or their loved ones in the real world, they use our Self Defence techniques which are reality based. These take into account the effects of adrenalin etc, and are pressured drilled so they will be remembered in times of great stress. Reality MASD works on two levels ie the physical and the mental.


Family Orientated: Our Reality MASD (Martial Arts and Self Defence) system is somewhat unique and very family orientated.  We offer substantial discounts for additional family members who join our Club, to encourage families to train together and have fun practising together at home.


Benefits: Our Students are taught, amongst other things:


     -  Respect for themselves, their families and others

     - The Benefits of Discipline and pride in their achievements

     -  How to Concentrate better

     -  How to avoid being a target of Bullies

     -  How to say 'No' when necessary, to avoid being led astray

     -  How to Never Give Up.    



Welcome to Reality MASD

Reality MASD  (Martial Arts & Self Defence)

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