Reality Adults


This programme is designed for students from the age of 12.


        Get Fit.          Get Confident.           Keep SAFE.


Earn your Black Belt whilst learning intuitive self defence techniques that actually do work in the real world, and keep yourself and your family Safe while working towards that coveted Martial Arts Black Belt.


Our Reality Adults system is a combination of Freestyle Martial Arts and Reality Based Self Defence. The best of both worlds!

The system is somewhat unique and very family orientated, and we offer substantial discounts for additional family members who join our Club.


Reality Based Self Defence

We teach our Students that Martial Arts is indeed an' Art', and is only for the Dojo. If they need to protect themselves or their loved ones in the real world, they use our Self Defence techniques which are Reality Based. These take into account the effects of adrenalin etc, and are pressure drilled so they will be remembered in times of great stress.

Hopefully our Awareness and Avoidance Techniques will mean you will not be targetted as a Victim in the first place!

The Reality Adults programme works on two levels, i.e. the physical and the mental.


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